Ashworth withdrawals – Supports Eric Gurr for Congress

To the people of the 8th district and the American worker,

The reason I entered the race to replace Boehner is because I am tired of American jobs being sent overseas, and I am very offended that the Obama regime chose a foreign firm to build the Obamacare website instead of an American firm (twice). I do not support amnesty, especially when there are 20 millions Americans out of work and I believe unemployment benefits should be extended because there are No jobs!!

All that being said, I did not get in the race to be a spoiler and split the vote among the candidates thereby making it easier for Boehner to be reelected.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my message and platform and announce that I am withdrawing from the race and am supporting Eric Gurr to be the next congressman to represent Ohio’s 8th district. Eric is a good man and we agree on many issues, he is a solid conservative and will make a great replacement to Speaker Boehner.

Please support Eric Gurr on May 6th and let’s send Boehner packing before he can pass amnesty and retire to florida with his millions.

Matthew Ashworth / April 29, 2014
Founder of The United Tea Party Alliance
CEO of AmericanBPO.US and DigitalUnderwriter.Com