Eric Gurr Endorsement


Eric Gurr Endorsement

January 25, 2014

This letter of endorsement comes from two former Ohio 8th Congressional Candidates, Don Carter and
Matthew Trisler. We are both residents of Ohio’s 8th district who share Constitutional and conservative

Dear Ohio 8th Congressional District Voters,

Collectively we (Don Carter and Matthew Trisler) find Eric Gurr a true conservative holding true the
Constitution and conservative values. We concur on Mr. Gurr’s positions which are straightforward and
to the point. Mr. Gurr was born and raised in Hamilton Ohio. He is owner and CEO of, Best & Brightest
Inc. Mr. Gurr possesses a strong work ethic that we find lacking in our nation’s capital. Ohio’s 8th district
and America needs the Constitutional and conservative values Eric Gurr lives by and will defend.

Eric Gurr will work tirelessly towards a fiscally responsible federal government and to reduce the size
our embellished government. Eric Gurr without doubt knows as a House Representative for the 8th
Congressional district he works for the people of the 8th district and not for the President and any
member of the federal government.

In closing, Eric Gurr supports free market capitalism, gun rights, traditional marriage, secured borders,
no amnesty, and is pro-life. We find his Constitutional and conservative virtues refreshing and welcome.
We unequivocally endorse Eric Gurr as the next U.S. Representative for the 8th Congressional district of


Don Carter
Former Ohio 8th Conqressional Candidate


Matthew Trisler
Former Ohio 8th Conqressional Candidate