Meet Eric

gurrAs a small business owner I deal with the effects of government every day. The Affordable Care Act affects small business. Our rates will go up and the choices we have in health plans will be limited. There is a point at which the additional cost of health insurance dictates that someone goes without a job. This is just as true for small business as it is for big business.

When I first started this business in 1994 we offered an excellent health insurance benefit and paid all but $25 of the bill. That was the employee’s contribution. Today in order to compete our employees pay sometimes pay more than 10 times that amount.

The rising cost of oil also has a profound impact. Businesses that require their workers to travel from place to place reimburse for mileage. Over the last twenty years as less oil is drilled domestically the price of gas has gone through the roof. The rise in fracking gives us hope that prices may stabilize, but it is not enough. We must continue to exploit our natural resources. Responsibly yes, but that means weighing the needs of the people and the environment together.

meandamyEric was born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. He is the CEO of Best & Brightest inc. a computer consulting firm based in West Chester, Ohio. Eric is married and has three children and two grandchildren. He and his family reside in Liberty Township.

Eric is a second cousin to George Washington. (9 times removed) Eric’s grandparent’s nine generations back William Ball and Hannah Atherold were the grandparents of Washington.

He became interested in history at an early age after reading Allan W. Eckert’s “The Frontiersman”. This single book turned into a passion for the study of history.